Jerrim Toms investigation sets precedent for “epidemic of police killings”

Close-up image of police shooting victim Jerrim Toms, killed on 31 March 2018 - a white 29-year-old man with a short brown beard and kind eyes.

The Independent Police Conduct Authority (IPCA) has absolved the police officers implicated in the lethal shooting of 29-year-old Jerrim Toms on 31 March last year. Its investigation has found the killing to be justified, but justice advocates People Against Prisons Aotearoa say that the facts of the case do not support the conclusion. Officers have… Continue reading Jerrim Toms investigation sets precedent for “epidemic of police killings”

U.S. embargo on Cuba is an attack on self-determination

Cartoon by Carlos Latuff, 2007, depicting a demonic Uncle Sam submerged in water with his arms wrapped around Cuba. A United Nations ship floats behind him shouting “Lift the embargo!”

Written by Cáit Ó Pronntaigh Class contradictions in Latin America are drawing more and more attention, with class power on both sides being exercised. We’ve seen fascist/far-right governments seizing power in the same year that we’ve seen enormous Indigenous/working class movements rising up from under the shadow of former dictatorship, neoliberalism, and austerity. As these… Continue reading U.S. embargo on Cuba is an attack on self-determination

Marxism and the world of conspiracy theories

A satire on Andrew Jackson's campaign to destroy the Bank of the United States and its support among state banks. Jackson, Martin Van Buren, and Jack Downing struggle against a snake with heads representing the states. Jackson (on the left) raises a cane marked "Veto" and says, "Biddle thou Monster Avaunt!! avaount I say! or by the Great Eternal I'll cleave thee to the earth, aye thee and thy four and twenty satellites. Matty if thou art true...come on. if thou art false, may the venomous monster turn his dire fang upon thee..." Van Buren: "Well done General, Major Jack Downing, Adams, Clay, well done all. I dislike dissentions beyond every thing, for it often compels a man to play a double part, were it only for his own safety. Policy, policy is my motto, but intrigues I cannot countenance." Downing (dropping his axe): "Now now you nasty varmint, be you imperishable? I swan Gineral that are beats all I reckon, that's the horrible wiper wot wommits wenemous heads I guess..." The largest of the heads is president of the Bank Nicholas Biddle's, which wears a top hat labeled "Penn" (i.e. Pennsylvania) and "$45,000,000." This refers to the rechartering of the Bank by the Pennsylvania legislature in defiance of the adminstration's efforts to destroy it.

By Mirkyton Ummashtarte In running a socialist organisation, especially one that has an audience and collaborators outside of the regular “left wing activist” crowd, we often find ourselves in contact with conspiracy theories and conspiracy theorists. Some people even think socialists like us are conspiracy theorists—after all, aren’t we blaming nearly all of our problems… Continue reading Marxism and the world of conspiracy theories