OA Endorses The Kororā For Bird Of The Year 2021

Organise Aotearoa is proud to endorse the Kororā for Bird of the Year 2021. We do not usually endorse candidates in avian-bourgeois elections, but this year an exception must be made to highlight the Kororā’s bravery and commitment to the struggle against colonial-mammalian-capitalism.

The Kororā has given its support for the occupations across Aotearoa and is especially involved in the campaigns at Pūtiki (Kennedy Point) and Marukaikuru (Shelly Bay) where their homes and habitats are threatened.

At Pūtiki Bay they are nested in the struggle against continued environmental degradation and capitalist enclosure. They perch alongside mana whenua and other protectors in defending the moana from the construction of a mega-sized marina of unprecedented absurdity. The developers, Kennedy Point Boatharbour Limited, would see their habitat be taken over by 150 berths, two septic tanks and even a floating car park while hundreds of steel supporting piles are driven into the seabed around their homes. The Kororā say “Colonisation is not welcome here”.

The Kororā has a declining population and needs our solidarity in the protection of their communities. On top of numerous cases of fatalities by vehicle strikes both on water and land, set nets from fishing, plastic pollution and oil spills, food availability is a major contributor to their decreasing number. The Kororā understands that if we find ourselves with nothing to eat, then we will eat the rich.

We feel that it is high tide to pay respect to this true blue protector of the moana, and staunchly radical bird!

You can vote by going to https://www.birdoftheyear.org.nz/little-penguin