Whau Ward Candidates 2022

Organise Aotearoa has surveyed everyone standing in the 2022 Auckland Council elections.

We have ranked all candidates on their commitment to social justice, eliminating poverty, Te Tiriti o Waitangi, climate change action, public transport, reducing police harassment, tenant rights and eradicating houselessness.

The responses that we received from candidates standing in Whau are listed here, with those we rank highest at the top. To assess other candidates’ stances, we referred to candidates’ council statements, policy.nz and any public websites, news articles or social media. This ward returns only one councillor.

For this ward, we recommend a vote for Kerrin Leoni.

Kerrin Leoni

Read Kerrin Leoni's responses

1) Do you support making public transport fares free?


2) What other measures will you take to incentivise public transport use and reduce congestion? 

  • Grass roots community initiatives
  • Educational community programmes on changing regional mode shift to more walking cycling and public transport
  • Advocating for incentive programmes eg (free vouchers) if you use public transport
  • Educational and incentive programmes on using the AT app
  • Social media challenges eg Saturdays and Sundays are Public Transport days.

3) How will you address the causes of crime?

  • Specific budgets on crime prevention in high crime communities
  • Community incentive crime prevention programmes targeting vulnerable youth and families
  • Partnering with existing providers/programmes to increase funding for successful initiatives
  • Working with Mana Whenua to design crime prevention programmes in their local communities. Maori are over-represented in statistics I’m this area therefore what works for Maori will work for all New Zealanders

 4) Do you support or oppose halting construction of the marina at Pūtiki Bay?

I support the construction be put on hold while there are current court proceedings

5) What measures will you take to protect renters, including tackling rising rents? 

I believe there should be caps put on rentals based on the median income in Auckland.

The healthy homes standards I also support ensuring warm dry homes.

6) Will you vote for the creation of Māori wards in time for the 2025 elections?


7) What will you do to end houselessness in Auckland?

There are already great initiatives such as Auckland City Mission and Lifewise. There are also a number of Transitional housing providers. These existing providers should have increased capacity to meet the needs of those needing homes.

More social housing is required with a clear strategy to providing long term housing for vulnerable families. Those who are high risk and have additional needs regarding housing mental health substance abuse budgeting issues, gambling and addictions need to have wrap around services and support. These plans and policies need to be established with the New Zealand Heath Authority and Maori Health Authority. In addition Mana Whenua and capacity building needs to take place to ensure Mana Whenua are leading in government funded service provision.

8) Would you support Auckland Council procuring or building council housing, or financially assisting communities and iwi to procure or build additional housing to combat the housing crisis?


9) What will you do to implement Te Tāruke-ā-Tāwhiri (Auckland’s Climate Plan) and ensure Auckland reaches its 2030 and 2050 climate goals?

This is high on my agenda to ensure Aucklands Climate Plan is a key priority. I will vote on and support all initiatives in relation to climate change. I will also encourage and support any regional and local opportunities for climate change. In particular more recycle centres, change of mode shift, the roll out of food waste bins, more electric vehicles and low carbon housing.

10) What is your position on sections of the Public Safety and Nuisance Bylaw 2013 which have empowered police actions against rough sleepers?

​All rough sleepers should be treated with respect and transitioned into dry warm housing. However if any member of the public displays aggressive or abusive behaviour this should be addressed according by police or in the first instance Maori Wardens. We need more paid Maori Wardens in our communities and working on a regular basis. There is strong feedback that Maori wardens do have the capability to address inappropriate behaviour taking into account cultural sensitivity.

11) Academics Joanna Kidman and Vincent O’Malley recently highlighted once again the continuing presence of statues and street names celebrating colonial figures. Following the recent example of Hamilton City Council and others, will you invite mana whenua to decide what should happen with these symbols of colonisation? 

Yes I have already advocated for this in the past.

12) Limited trials of a 4-day working week with full pay show minimal or no loss in productivity, while studies suggest a shorter working week would significantly reduce emissions. Would you support a 4-day working week for council staff?


13) In your opinion, should Auckland Council allow the use of public venues by controversial speakers who are seen as pushing misinformation, such as conspiracies related to Covid-19, or hate speech like racism, homophobia and transphobia?