About us

What is Organise Aotearoa?

Organise Aotearoa is a new movement for liberation and socialism. We believe that the current political and economic system is rotten to the core. This system is killing our planet, creating massive inequalities, and undermining the tino rangatiratanga of Māori. If we want to live in a truly just, fair, and democratic world, we need to do things differently. We need a system that puts people and the environment before corporations and their profits. We are fighting for socialism because we need a system that shares wealth and prosperity among all people.

We cannot simply rely on politicians in Parliament to do what’s best for us. Time after time, politicians have made promises and failed to deliver. Even worse, most politicians don’t even try. History has shown us that people in power only make the changes we actually need when everyday people get organised and demand them. That’s why Organise Aotearoa wants to do politics differently. We’re committed to doing politics in a way that enables all of us to transform our living conditions together. We want to build the power of ordinary working people so that our collective needs, desires, dreams, and aspirations can’t be ignored. Together, we can make Aotearoa a more equal and democratic place, where everyone can thrive.

What we do

Organise Aotearoa comes out of already existing political movements. We stand alongside people on the front lines fighting the worst injustices of our time. We’re committed to lending our support and helping to grow movements for a more fair, just, and equal Aotearoa. We will also launch our own campaigns on the key issues where we see urgent action is needed.

Organise Aotearoa stands alongside workers in our everyday struggles against exploitative bosses. As a movement made up of workers, we know we are all better off when we have strong unions that increase the collective power of working people. We’re committed to rebuilding and strengthening the union movement. Unions help working people to improve their own working conditions and build the political power we need to transform society.

Organise Aotearoa is currently writing a programme. Our programme will outline in greater detail what we think is wrong with the system and how we hope to change it. As we write our programme, we will be holding hui around the country. We will be talking with everyday people about the key issues affecting their lives and the changes they want to see. We want to hear from you about your hopes for how we can fundamentally change things like housing, work, and justice.