About us

What is Organise Aotearoa?

We’re a collective of workers, renters, unionists, students and political organisers who are building a movement for liberation and socialism.

The current political and economic system in New Zealand is working against us. Capitalism is unsustainable. It’s killing our planet, creating massive inequalities, and has been imposed on this land at the expense of tino rangatiratanga. If we want to live in a just, fair, and democratic world, we need to do things differently. We need a system that puts people and the environment before corporations and their profits. We are fighting for socialism because we want to build a society that shares wealth and prosperity among all people. 

Politicians cannot do what the people can. We can’t rely on politicians in Parliament to end inequality, protect the environment, and honour the tino rangatiratanga of Māori. Time after time, political parties have made promises and failed to deliver, or they have directly worked in the interests of the rich and powerful. Those in power only make concessions to the people when we get organised and demand them. 

Capitalism seems inescapable to many of us, but incredible historical injustices have been overcome by revolutionaries working together in common cause. Monarchies have been toppled, nations have liberated themselves from brutal dictatorships and colonial rule, and the trans-atlantic slave trade was abolished. We owe our paid parental leave, eight hour workday, and the right to join a trade union to those who stood up and demanded those rights for themselves and for future generations. All of this may have seemed impossible once, but that didn’t stop people from fighting.

We take inspiration from those who came before us, understanding that their project is unfinished. We want to build the power of dispossessed and working people so that our collective needs, desires, and dreams can’t be ignored. Together, we can transform Aotearoa into a society that we can be proud of, where everyone can thrive.

What we do

Organise Aotearoa was born out of already existing political movements. Our founding members have stood on the front lines fighting the worst injustices of our time and our kaupapa was informed by these struggles. We’re committed to supporting and amplifying movements for decolonisation and working class power as we all have a common enemy, capitalism. 

Since launching in October 2018, we have organised marches for reproductive justice, we have joined community blockades against the weapons expo, and we have stood alongside mana whenua against Fletcher Building Ltd attempts to desecrate the stolen lands at Ihumātao. We stand with all workers in our everyday struggles against bosses who enrich themselves off our labour. We are all better off when we have strong unions that increase our collective power. Unions are strongest when they’re driven by the members themselves, who know better than anyone else how to improve conditions in the workplace, and build political and democratic power.

We are currently writing a programme in six parts, which will elaborate on the ways capitalism exploits everyday people, stifling our capacity to thrive. This programme will include sections on housing, work and welfare, the criminal injustice system, the environment, decolonisation and constitutional transformation, and our relationship to the rest of the world. We have been holding hui around the country, having discussions with the wider community about these sites of struggle. 

We do not stand above the people; we are the people! We hope to provide a vehicle for the people to collectively transform society.